The Truth Behind Alo Yoga’s Marketing Tactics and the Alleged Sexual Harassment Allegations Against CEO Danny Harris.

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“The ‘brand perpetuates body shame,’ ‘the brand is elitist,’ and is a ‘club that only some can be in.’ ‘The brand does not make clothes for the plaintiff and her students,’ and ‘there are sexual allegations against one of the owners,’ and the brand lies.” These are the words that Alo Yoga and Cody App, both partners, are alleging that Dana Falsetti (@NolaTrees on Instagram) posted broadly to social media, although Dana claims it was only posted to her stories “for one hour drawing in only 3,578 views.”

These comments were allegedly said in a temporary Instagram story according to court documents of both lawsuits by Alo Yoga and Cody App against Dana Falsetti. You can find the links below to read the details of recent published articles and allegations against her. Alo Yoga claims Dana’s accusations in the Instagram story are false and defamatory. The only way to find out whether they was true or not was research the validity of Alo Yoga’s claims. This article will dissect Dana’s alleged words and include research about said statements.

“It has come to the attention of the yoga community that Alo Yoga is not requiring their ambassadors to use these hashtags and follow guidelines of the F.T.C.”

Link “Alo Yoga’s Unethical Business Practices

“Dana has been living with that fear, fighting Goliath on her own since December.”

Link “When One Big Company Picks On One Yoga Teacher” -Kino MacGregor

“And like Kino, Cody considers itself a defender of the spiritual heart of yoga.”

Link “The Truth behind Kino’s Letter” -Paul Javid

“Don’t I at least deserve the right to respond honestly and state the facts without yet another impending lawsuit?”

Link “Alo, Do The Right Thing and We Will All Thank You” -Kino MacGregor

“Your not contactually obligated to sue Dana or fight the release of their content. You could stop this.”

Link “From One Non Famous Instagram Yogini to Another” -Angela Maguire

“My personal hope is that the two “sides” can talk this out sans lawyers, and find a point of consensus that is truly a win for all.”

Link “Kino Talks with Waylon about Alo and Dana” -Elephant Journal

“Court records state Dana posted the Instagram comments at issue on December 5, 2017, Cody filed its complaint the next day, on December 6, 2017, and ALO filed its complaint on December 8, 2017, so it appears Cody and ALO resorted almost immediately to litigation… because of the high cost of litigation, is usually regarded as a last resort for resolving a dispute.”

“What Dana Said About Alo & Cody and What We (as lawyers) See As The Best Outcome” -Zach and Rachel Dyer

End article links

We’ll first begin with the body shaming and “lies”. It would seem on the outside that Alo Yoga is just a clothing company with beautiful ambassadors, great clothing, and inspirational messages. Upon digging deeper, what was discovered was far more than shocking. We all know about company marketing tactics on social media, ads everywhere you look, and your favorite celebrities sporting some expensive clothing that you just have to buy. Alo Yoga takes it a step further by purchasing large Instagram accounts with followers in the hundreds of thousands after the accounts been well already established as inspirational Yoga pages for aspiring yogis to follow. These pages contain mostly thin white woman and athletically built men, some of which are well known yoga teachers and Instagram celebrities. These ambassadors repeatedly break the Federal Trade Commissions Transparency Guidelines by not using the partnership disclosure provided by Instagram, as well disregarding the required use of the hashtags #ad and #sponsored for their user pages.

These supposed inspirational yoga pages that are not known to be owned by Alo Yoga (to the naked eye), are deceiving to all those aspiring to develop a yoga practice and coming to Instagram for inspiration. The message these aspiring yogis see is pretty clear. “Buy Alo Yoga clothing, be skinny, be advanced and take good pictures.” If you don’t meet these requirements it is unlikely you’ll ever be featured on one of their pages. Eventually these new yogis cave and they go buy the leggings so they can feel good in their practice. Links to just a few of the major Alo Yoga owned and operated “Inspirational” yoga pages can be found below. It is unclear at this time how many of these pages are out there.

Link To Alo Yoga Owned and Operated @Studio2Street Instagram Account

Link to Alo Yoga Owned and Operated @YogaChannel Instagram Account

Link to Alo Yoga Owned and Operated @YogaGoals Instagram Account

Link to Alo Yoga Owned and Operated @YogaInspiration Instagram Account

Link to Alo Yoga Owned and Operated @Yoga_Looks Instagram Account

One of the major claims in Dana Falsetti’s alleged statements was the “sexual allegations” against one of the owners of Alo Yoga. The original allegation came when Rachel Brathen or (@Yoga_Girl on Instagram) asked her followers to share their #MeToo stories with her at their discretion and with complete confidentiality/ anonymity. At the time, the allegations were a rumor that was hotly debated between Alo Yoga Ambassador Morgan (or @FindingMorganTyler on Instagram) and some of her followers. Morgan claimed that the accusations against Danny Harris CEO of Alo Yoga were false because she “knows him.” Upon further research we found more disturbing reports against CEO Danny of Alo Yoga. If you go to the links below, you’ll find reports from previous employees that depict Danny Harris as an egotistical, womanizing and very ill mannered man.

Link to Alo Yoga Employee Review

Link to CEO Danny Harris Employee Review of Color Image

Link to Alo Yoga Employee Review 2

Link to Alo Yoga Employee Review 3

Link to Alo Yoga and Bella Canvas Employee Review

Upon further digging we also found other articles associated with Alo Yoga CEO Danny Harris. Links can be found below.

“Company Fails to Prove Bad- Faith Registration of Domain Name Identical to its Trademark”

“Alo Yoga CEO Danny Harris stretches out $30 million in Holmby Hills”

“Internet Yoga Star Reignites Debate Over Corporate Body Shaming” (Dana Falsetti)

If you’d like to support Dana Falsetti either monetarily through her Go Fund Me account or by signing the petition, click on the links below.

Dana Falsetti Go Fund Me For Legal Help

“Stand With Dana Falsetti Against Alo Yoga Lawsuit” Petition

4 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Alo Yoga’s Marketing Tactics and the Alleged Sexual Harassment Allegations Against CEO Danny Harris.

  1. I never heard of Dana before Kino, and I didn’t follow alo and only a few of their ambassadors coincidentally, but reading through it all, I don’t understand why it’s not obvious to everyone that it was Cody who breached contract by selling the rights to Dana’s content to Alo. As they had contractually agreed not to distribute or promote the content in any way that would damage her image. Selling her content to a company CLEARLY not aligned with her content, AND putting her content on sale without reason (or informing her of that?) surely damages her. I can’t even see anything legally wrong with her briefly posted story. It’s not like she says this Danny has done anything or has convictions, she says allegations, which are true. The other things that she says about alo, while they are not positive, they appear to be true. She has no contract with alo, other than they are the “successors” to her contract with Cody, and Cody have breached that contract.


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