We Stand With Dana Falsetti

This article is the sole opinion of the writer.

Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge of “Alo Yoga,” along with Paul Javid and Pejman Pour Moezzi of “Cody App,” are currently suing 24 year old Dana Falsetti (known on Instagram as @NolaTrees) for breach of contract, Conspiracy, and defamation. You can click the link below to read the articles printed thus far surrounding the case. The purpose of this article is to come together and stand with Dana Falsetti.

Link “The Truth Behind Alo Yoga’s Marketing Tactics and the Sexual Allegations Against CEO Danny Harris”

There are many ways we can help Dana. You can donate to her Go Fund Me account to help her with legal expenses, as well as sign the petition below to encourage the two corporations to stop legal action against Dana.

Dana Falsetti Go Fund Me

Stand With Dana Falsetti Petition

If you are unable to donate and or have already signed the petition, there are still plenty of ways you can take action and support Dana. You can voice your support for Dana by sending in your complaints and concerns in the form of emails to Alo Yoga and Cody App directly. Please be respectful and diligent in your letter, but let them know you stand behind Dana. Please send your letters to the emails below.

Alo Yoga CEO Danny Harris

Alo Yoga Co Founder Marco DeGeorge

Cody App Co Founder Paul Javid

Cody App Co Founder Pejman Moezzi

Currently there are 3 major clothing department stores that currently sell Alo Yoga clothing. If you’d like to further assist and support Dana, you can copy and paste the letter below into an email and send it to the corresponding email addresses below the letter.

Dear (insert store),

I’ve been shopping and coming to your department store for quite some time. However, I was saddened to see that you are selling clothing for Alo Yoga. While I love (insert store), I will no longer be able to support your business until you remove Alo Yoga’s clothing. Not only is the quality less than what you’d expect for the price but their advertisement practices are shameful and unethical. I am asking you to please reconsider. Please remove Alo Yoga clothing from your store. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this issue.

I am also posting the following links below to help you reconsider your decision.



Thank you for your time and consideration.


BloomingDales Contact Form

Nordstrom Contact Form

Revolve Clothing Email

Finally, you can continue to help Dana by also sending your concerns and complaints directly to their Instagram pages below.

Alo Yoga Instagram Account

Cody App Instagram Account

Thank you for your time and all your support for Dana Falsetti.

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